TMI has officially retired.

Instead, we moved the content from TMI and expanded on it to create a new course bundle: The BSP Model™. Check it out below!

The ONLY comprehensive course bundle for Creators out there!

Learn how to build an unforgettable brand, harness the power of organic social media, and make money while doing it.

Join The BSP Model™ and you'll receive:

✔ 9+ courses structured into a 3-part framework
✔ Lifetime access to all future course updates at no additional cost
✔ Instant access to my exclusive online community in Slack, with other students of The BSP Model™
✔ BONUS: Access to an exclusive podcast which includes interviews with industry leaders
✔ BONUS: LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Millie & guest(s) throughout the year 

Why did we retire The Modern Influencer?

As The Modern Influencer grew, we found that our students had one common goal. Surprisingly, it wasn't "to grow on Instagram", it was to become full-time Creators and Influencers.

As they grew on Instagram, more questions were asked about brand collaborations, creating courses, and diversifying their content onto YouTube or TikTok.

So we decided to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for Creators to have access to ALL the information they could ever need about growing online and making money while doing it: The BSP Model™.